Plantar Fasciitis: Solutions for Heels that Hurt

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What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot condition that usually presents itself first thing in the morning. The first steps out of bed are extremely painful, especially at the inner, bottom side of the heel and arch. It will often present itself again after extended periods of inactivity, such as sitting.


Sudden weight gain, increased physical activity, prolonged standing (especially on hard surfaces) and age can all be a factor.

7 Solutions for Plantar Fasciitis

There are many products on the market today to help improve the symptoms of plantar fasciits. We decided to hand-pick ten of the products that have shown to be most successful at helping to heal the condition.

1. RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation will help with most injuries. To this we usually also like to add a great stretch routine. For some great stretch advice, check out this video by Pat Stanziano, Sports Therapist.

Plantar FXT – if stretching isn’t your thing, you may want to seek out a night splint such as the Plantar FXT or Stretch Up. These devices help to stretch out the plantar fascia over night to prevent it from contracting while you sleep, thus helping to reduce that early morning pain.

2. FS6 by Orthosleeve – this device is designed to provide compression on the foot and gently lift the plantar fascia toward the foot. It prevents overstretching on the tissue and helps boost blood circulation.

3. Arch Support – to help stabilize the foot and prevent over-pronation (excessive inward rolling of the feet), an arch support or custom foot orthotic can reduce stretching of the plantar fascia and therefore speed up the healing process. To find the best support for your foot type seek out the advice of a pedorthist.

4. Better shoes – non-supportive, flexible shoes can cause increased pressure on the arches and plantar fascia. When choosing a shoe, be sure the footwear doesn’t flex in the mid foot and can not be wrung up like a towel. Flexible shoes such as this don’t provide a level surface for the foot to walk on and can further worsen the symptoms.

5. Foot Rubz – massaging the feet with a tennis ball or Foot Rubz will help break up scar tissue, increase blood circulation and improve flexibility.

6. Supportive sandals or slippers – hardwood, tile and concrete surfaces at home will cause excessive pressure on the heels and feet that can worsen the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Brands such as Vionic, Birkenstock, Finn Comfort, Chung Shi Dux or New Balance have great supportive sandals and slippers that will help reduce stress on the heels and support the arch, naturally.

7. Foot Gym – the foot gym is a tool that offers multiple features in one package. Tensor bands help strengthen the foot, while the angled surface allows for easy stretching. The roller can be filled with water and added to the freezer for a cold foot massage.

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