According to Wikipedia, “Pedorthist is the title of a professional who has specialized training to modify footwear and employ supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs.”

In Canada, Certified Pedorthists must be members of the Pedorthic Association of Canada or the Pedorthic Footcare Association of Canada in order to have their services covered by extended health insurance plans. Like a doctor, pedorthists must attend seminars and trade shows to receive continuing education credits. And, just like other medical professionals, pedorthists must meet their continuting education credit requirements and carry malpractice insurance to be able to renew their license.

Many pedorthic services in Canada are covered by extended health care plans (i.e. Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sunlife, etc.) and may include all or some of the following:

  • Custom Foot Orthotics: shoe inserts that are designed specifically for a patient’s needs based on a biomechanical examination of the body. This may include a gait & pressure analysis. Have to be casted using a 3D volumetric model of the foot.
  • Custom Orthopaedic Shoes: built from scratch to accommodate severely misshapen feet.
  • Extra Depth Footwear or Orthopaedic Footwear: check plan details to ensure it offers coverage for off-the-shelf or ready-made footwear.
  • Footwear Modifications: this may include unilateral (one sided) shoe lifts, bubble patches, sole widening, wedging & more.
  • Bracing: come in all shapes and forms and can be custom or off-the-shelf.
  • Compression Stockings: available in multiple compression levels for varying degrees of swelling.

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